CAF seeks to bring Latin America and Africa closer

Jorge Arbache and João Bosco Monte

Investment opportunities and the deepening of relations between Latin America and Africa were discussed at a meeting in Lima (Peru) on Wednesday (16) between the Vice President for the Private Sector of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), Jorge Arbache and president of the Instituto África África (IBRAF), Prof. João Bosco Monte.

During the meeting, both talked about the similarities between the two organizations, which seek to promote sustainable development and regional integration, as well as strategies to deepen the relationship between the two continents.

CAF considers that IBRAF’s experience can facilitate the identification of possible investments for Latin American countries in the African continent. “We have a long way to go to deepen our relationship with Africa and have strategic allies as IBRAF allows us to move forward in identifying investment opportunities and cooperation between the public and private sectors” says Jorge Arbache.

The President of the Brazil Africa Institute highlights the strengthening of the partnership with CAF. “Since the agreement we signed in 2016, we have made a joint effort to deepen relations between Latin America and Africa” says Prof. João Bosco Monte.