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“The private sector plays a crucial role for development,” says IBRAF president

“Government policies for development are of great importance, but the private sector also plays a crucial role in south-south and triangular cooperation issues.” This was one of the arguments of the president of the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF), João Bosco Monte, during the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), which took place in Ghana.

Understand how Uganda protects its main rainforest

Mabira is one of Uganda's few remaining rainforests, covering an area of ​​about 300 square kilometers. One of the largest reserves in the country, Mabira is home to endangered species. However, population growth, high demand for charcoal and agricultural invasion pose risks to their conversation. To combat degradation, the Uganda National Forest Authority uses a program for forest mapping, protection, and management.

Controversial Robert Mugabe dies, who led Zimbabwe for 37 years

After leading Zimbabwe for more than three decades, former Zimbabwean president and independence leader Robert Mugabe is likely to be remembered as a two-sided man: the freedom fighter who promised a prosperous nation but became the dictator of a people who live in extreme poverty.

UN Deputy Chief of Assistance draws attention to the situation of the Central African Republic. “need our help”

The number of people who need humanitarian assistance and protection in the Central African Republic has jumped from 2.5 million to nearly three million. More than 75% of health services are provided by humanitarian workers. UN Assistant Emergency Coordinator Ursula Mueller, after a weeklong mission to the country, calls for increased funding to meet the region's humanitarian needs.

Mozambique receives UNICEF support to fund birth and civil identification records

More than 60% of children under one year are not yet registered in Mozambique. In addition, only 28% of children under five have an official birth certificate. To try to change this reality, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is supporting the opening of positions offering identification services in five health centers in the northern province of Niassa.

Egypt leads import of Brazilian corn in August

The Egyptians were the largest importers of Brazilian corn in August. Brazilian corn exports grew by almost 200% in August. Data...

AGRF 2019 turns Ghana into an agricultural innovation hub

O Africa Green Revolution Forum 2019 (AGRF), evento que está sendo realizado esta semana em Acra, capital de Gana.

Botswana and Mozambique seal defence cooperation deal

The bond between Botswana and Mozambique’s militaries should serve as a model for strengthening Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) militaries. According to Botswana’s Defence, justice and security minister, Mr. Shaw Kgathi.

20 years after East Timor independence, UN reflects on collaboration with the country

Twenty years ago Timor-Leste became independent from Indonesia through a consultation organized by the United Nations. “A thriving democracy where human rights, fundamental freedoms, and democratic alternation are respected,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres in a message to mark the date.