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DRC: WHO tries to curb Ebola advance in critical areas

The World Health Organization (WHO) has prepared a new strategy to contain the spread of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of...

Africa through comics: the geek market is booming on the continent

The world has always told history through illustrations. In prehistory, for example, communication took place through cave painting. Nowadays, comics have diversified and democratized the dissemination of illustrations in order to tell stories. Countries like Japan and the United States have turned this kind of art into a gigantic industry. In Africa, on the other hand, several talents have emerged in order to tell African history from another perspective and also give a new meaning to the genre. Mixing African tradition and the fictional universe of superheroes, some names are gradually gaining space and accumulating a legion of fans.

Angola Cables and Nokia celebrate a record connection between Angola and the United States

The companies Angola Cables and Nokia achieved 300 Gbps traffic between Miami and Luanda for the first time through the combination of SACS and MONET submarine cable systems.

Poverty increases in Brazil and African countries, says UN

In a third of developing countries dependent on commodities (where 870 million people live), the average real income is lower today...

Petrobras says goodbye to the African continent

Petrobras concluded on Tuesday (14) the sale of its equity interest in Petrobras Oil & Gas B.V. (PO & GBV). The company produced oil off the coast of Nigeria. The Brazilian state-owned 50% of the company, in a joint venture with BTG Pactual E&P B.V. Petrobras' stake was sold to Canadian company Africa Oil Corp.

IBRAF promotes summit on Atlantic port management

O Instituto Brasil África (IBRAF), entendendo a relevância que transporte marítimo desempenha na economia global, quer aproximar autoridades portuárias do Atlântico em um evento que será realizado em Fortaleza. O summit Gestão de Portos do Atlântico vai acontecer entre os dias 5 e 6 de maio de 2020 e vai reunir importantes players da região para discutir boas práticas e facilitar o networking entre instituições públicas e privadas.

An AfDB-FIDIC agreement can accelerate funding for large infrastructure projects

O Banco Africano de Desenvolvimento (AfDB) anunciou nesta segunda-feira (13) um acordo de cinco anos com a Federação Internacional de Engenheiros Consultores (FIDIC, na sigla em francês).

Kenya and Ethiopia rethink bioenergy public policy

Officials and experts from the governments of Ethiopia and Kenya benefited from a UNEP qualification project, carried out in partnership with the International Climate Initiative. The project provides technical assistance to assess the sustainability of the bioenergy sectors and build capacity for periodic long-term monitoring.

Khartoum Fair will have Brazilian entourage

The Khartoum International Fair reaches its 37th edition in 2020. The event organizers expect to receive more than 400,000 visitors from 20 countries from January 20 to 27. The keynote of the fair is a business promotion.