Elections in Mozambique will be observed by the European Union

With general elections scheduled to be held on October 15, the Mozambican authorities formally invited representatives of the European Union to an Election Observation Mission (EOM). The Organization, which has been following elections in the African country since 1994, has confirmed its presence.

“The 2019 elections in Mozambique come at an important moment in the country’s history, when real progress towards a comprehensive peace agreement opens the way to permanent reconciliation and accelerating reforms. A successful electoral process can help to generate the stability and confidence needed for growth and development,” said Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

The mission will be headed by the Spanish member of the European Parliament Ignacio Sánchez Amor, who highlighted the moment of decentralization of key aspects of the country, leading to structural changes.

“My objective is for the EOM to provide a positive input – through impartial and objective assessments and constructive recommendations – to an overall credible, transparent and inclusive process. And I would add that we will, of course, continue our work with the Mozambican authorities to implement recommendations from previous observation missions,” he affirmed

The EU team will be composed of 9 analysts and will begin the mission in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, on August 31. The group will remain in the country until the electoral process is completed and will prepare a comprehensive final report. Upon the arrival of the core team, another 32 long-term observers will be joined from across the country. Another 76 short-term observers will be deployed to polling day.

On October 15, the Mozambican people will have presidential, legislative and provincial elections. The news is that, for the first time, provincial governors will be elected by popular vote, no longer appointed by the central power.