Kenya will be the theme of a Samba-plot in the São Paulo’s carnival

A Samba School of São Paulo will pay homage to Kenya in its parade. Colorado do Brás, which returns to the special group of São Paulo’s carnival after 25 years, will present the samba-plot “Hakuna Matata, this is live”, inspired by the music Jambo Bwana, which became very famous in the 1980s with the group Boney M.

Developed by the “carnavalesco” Leonardo Catta Preta, the Colorado do Brás parade wishes to honor the beauty and the culture of Kenya. The School justifies the choice by stating that: “Jambo Bwana invites everyone to know the songs of faith, folktales, dances, rituals, and all manifestations related to African culture. In the end, the song uses the expression Hakuna Matata, to show the happiness of the people in receiving people who wish to know their history and their culture “

Colorado do Brás will open the parades of the Samba Schools of São Paulo, which takes place on Friday (March 1st) and Saturday (March 2nd). “We have, as our goal, to show that happiness overcomes problems, frees us and brings victories every day, from the simplest possible,” concludes the School.

Listen to the Samba written by the School