São Paulo hosts the international forum “10 Women You Need To Listen To”

The international Forum 10 Women You Need To Listen To will take place next June 3th in São Paulo. The event intends to provide the opportunity to inspired women so they can express themselves in an entrepreneurship and business environment. The forum will be a moment for sharing national and international feminine leadership experiences on extreme representativeness in their fields of actuation, and so they can influence and inspire other women.

The event is an initiative of the CPLP Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs Federation (FME CE-CPLP), an organization that seeks the development and cooperation of business people inside of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). During the meeting, the FME CE-CPLP intends to create new opportunities for women who are noteworthy in the world of business and the creative industry.

Female entrepreneurship and the presence of women in industrial sectors are becoming a much more evident reality in our current society, and for that reason, these spaces are important and the need to foster discussions and provide creative solutions to participating members.

Women in Business

The 10 invited women are recognized players in their countries and other places around the world, on account of their projects that have been put into effect and the actuation of initiatives linked to entrepreneurship, businesses, and political-economic leadership. Countries such as South Africa, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Brazil, Tanzania, and China will be represented at the event.  

The international forum 10 Women You Need To Listen To is the result from a discussion between CPLP and business leaders from BRICS countries – a group that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This partnership arose for joining the forces of companies, members of the government, and the civil society from the BRICS and CPLP member countries to promote a debate on female participation in the creative industry – fashion, gems and jewelry, design, trends in the financial market, Black Money, and agribusiness.

The event will take place at Palácio Tangará (Rua Deputado Laércio Corte, Paraíso do Morumbi, São Paulo, SP). Register on the website https://mulherescecplp.com.br/